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Key Duplicating Machine Q32

1. With three wide-angle LED lights and the tilting clamps, the machine can duplicate various keys, including dimple keys, master dimple key, inclined dimple keys (such as KESO key, KABA key), I-shaped keys, wave keys with internal or external cuts, etc. Our patented quick tool change system helps to replace the clamps can be finished within 10 seconds.
2. The self-locking fixing handle enables the operator to fix the feeding depth with a single hand. In addition, the feeding system is equipped with a fine tuning device.
3. The machine is equipped with built-in 12V cigarette lighter socket. So, it is quite easy for users to offer door-to-door service.

Technical Parameters

Name Q32
Model Q32
Overall Dimensions 28X34X44.5(CM)
Net Weight 22KG
Cutter Model NO.0038, NO.0040, NO.0041, NO.0042, NO.0060, NO.0062, NO.3060X, NO.0090, NO.0093
Voltage AC 220V, DC 12V
Frequency 50HZ
Power 120W
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