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Key Duplicating Machine Q33

1. A number of patents
2. Touch computer control
3. Digital speed adjustment
4. Intelligent tool proofing
5. Four-sided rotating fixture
6. Six clamping methods for key
7. AC and DC availables
8. Suitable for on-site service
9. Wide angle LED lighting
10. Oversized upper and lower lockers

Power supply:AC220V or DC12V, with a variety of tools and guide pin.

Technical Parameters

Product name Key Duplicating Machine
Model Q33
Dimensions 39X33.5X50.5 (CM)
Net weight 32KG
Tool number NO.0038 NO.0040 NO.0041 NO.0042 NO.3060X NO.0060 NO.0062 NO.0090
Voltage AC 220V, DC12V
Frequency 50HZ
Rated output power 70W 
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