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Key Duplicating Machine WX-22

Features of Key Duplicating Machine WX-22
1. The WX-22 key duplicating machine is a multi-functional milling machine. It can cut or modify grooves for all types of blank keys.
2. With a removable handle, this type of key duplicating machine is easy to operate with high accuracy and efficiency.
3. It can be used to mill all kind of small hardware accessories.

Technical Specifications of Key Duplicating Machine WX-22

Motor AC 220V/110V 50/60Hz 180W
Cutter WX-22-1 , WX-22-2 , WX-22-3 , WX-22-4 , WX-22-5 , WX-22-6 , WX-22-7 , WX-22-8 , WX-22-11 , WX-22-12
Vise Set with vise for clamping rectangle keys and vise block for fixing or dismounting flag-shape keys
Actual Dimension 44×26×33cm
Carton Dimension 52×33×42cm

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