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Key Duplicating Machine Q33A

The key duplicating machine Q33A adopts vertical feed self-lock fixed hand shank which can realize fixed feeding depth with single hand operation during key duplicating. It is also equipped with guide pin feeding fine adjusting unit. This machine adopts patented four sides (A/B/C/D) rotational gripper which can realize duplicating of keys of different shapes, such as complex and highly safe keys with slots and Israeli tech keys with concave and convex beads. Q33A is equipped with 6 kinds of grippers of different clamping methods, 12V vehicle mounted power supply, wide angle LED lights and ultra-big upper and lower lockers.

Technical Parameters
Name Key Duplicating Machine
Model Q33A
Overall Dimensions 392x352x497(mm)
Net Weight 23KG
Cutter and Guide Pin NO.0038, NO.0040C.C., NO.0041C.C.
NO.0042C.C., NO.3060X.
Voltage AC220V or DC12V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power 120W
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