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Key Duplicating Machine 423-A

Features of Key Duplicating Machine 423-A
1. A well-known reputation of the high security tubular locks makes the 423-A key duplicating machine more popular.
2. This key duplicating machine reproduces standard and small diameter keys, also tubular keys with flat key inside or outside.
3. The spring inside the vise which pops up the duplicated key, makes the operation practical and fast.
4. The high power motor is set with a high speed ball bearing, which makes the process steady and accurate.

Technical Specifications of Key Duplicating Machine 423-A

Motor INPUT DC 220/110V 170W
Power supply AC220/110V 50/60Hz
Cutter HSS NO.0051
Actual Dimension 37×12×9.2cm
Carton Dimension 41×15×13cm

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