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Key Duplicating Machine Q31

1. The key duplicating machine Q31 has outstanding portability. So, it is quite easy for users to offer door-to-door service.
2. This key duplicator is applicable for duplicating of dimple keys, cruciform keys, wave-shaped keys, and other special keys.
3. In the meantime, application for extra long keys with this key duplicating machine is also supported.
4. The automatic key duplicating tool is constructed with hardened ball bearing sliding device.
5. Equipped with many cutters and guide pins, the high speed key cutter has a tool kit to bring more convenience to the users.

Technical Parameters

Name Key Duplicating Machine
Model Q31
Overall Dimensions 29×29×39cm
Net Weight 14kg
Cutter and Guide Pin No.0042, No.43, No.0051, No.0060, No.0062, No.7380, No.0075, No.7282
Voltage 220V/110V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power 170W

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