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Key Duplicating Machine Q3A

Q3A is a patented key duplicating machine developed by Wenxing, which is powered by built-in battery, AC or DC power supply.

1. The key duplicator machine is designed with a special jaw for duplicating serrated keys. The feeding depth can be fixed with a single hand using the self-locking fixing handle. In addition, the key duplicating machine features a micro-adjustment device for feeding guide pin.
2. Portable, easy to carry quick-change key jaw with patented design provides precise and efficient key duplication.
3. Equipped with a built-in battery and 12V power socket, the key duplicating machine works conveniently outside.
4. The key duplicator is designed with a chip guard for the horizontally moved worktable and a cutter with stepless speed control, which is used for processing the following keys:

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Technical Parameters

Name Key Duplicating Machine
Model Q3A
Dimension 360x260x470 (MM)
Net Weight 16KG
Cutter and Guide Pin NO.0040C.C. , NO.0041C.C. , NO.0042C.C. , NO.0045 , NO.0062
Voltage AC 100V-240V or DC 12V-14.8V
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Power Supply Three types available: built-in battery, AC power supply, DC power supply
Power 120W