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Key Cutting Machine 219-C

1. The rotary vises of the 219-C key cutting machine have 2-way jaws and four ways to position keys. The distance between the vises is extendable.
2. The 219-C cutting machine is set with a brush to remove residues.
3. You can order inserted cemented carbide cutter for this key cutting machine.

Configurations of Key Cutting Machine 219-C
1. Motor: AC, available in different voltages and frequencies, 170W
2. HSS cutter: NO.0011B
100T double sided titanium cutter specification: 70×7.3×12.7×40º×100T
3. Adjusting: The 219-C key cutting machine is set with guide micro-adjustment device
4. Vise: 2-way jaws

Technical Specifications of Key Cutting Machine 219-C

Motor DC220V/110V INPUT 170W
Power supply AC220V/110V 50/60Hz
Cutter HSS NO.0011B
Adjustment Set with guide micro-adjustment device
Vise 2-way jaws
Actual Dimension 33×25×21cm
Carton Dimension 41×37×30cm

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