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Key Cutting Machine 283-D

Features of Key Cutting Machine 283-D
1. Model 283-D key cutting machine comes with built-in battery, meaning that it can be used in areas where mains electricity isn’t available or power outage frequently occurs.
2. This key duplicator can be plugged into the mains of course, making fast work of duplicating a large number of keys.
3. Vise jaws can rotate to both sides, providing 4 clamping positions.
4. Turn the handwheel of the key cutting machine to start the duplication process.
5. Key deburring brush is integrated with the motor for ease of use.

Key Cutting Machine Specs

Product Name 283-D
Model No. 283-D
Dimensions 43.5X16.5X33(CM)
Net Weight 12KG
Cutting Tool No. NO.0010
Voltage 220V/110V
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Power 40W
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