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Key Machine 298-C

1. The vise of the 298-C key machine can be two-side rotated to clamp keys and there are four ways to place keys.
2. The distance between the vises is extendable.
3. The guide stepping micro-adjustment allows adjustable cutting depth, with fast and precisely results.
4. This type of key machine can be used electrical controlled or manual operated, convenient in areas with unstable electrical supply or outdoors.

Configurations of Key Machine 298-C
1) Motor: AC, available in different voltages and frequencies, 120W
2) HSS cutter: NO.0015
100T double angle titanium cutter specification: 60×6×16×81º×100T
3) Adjusting: The 298-C key machine is equipped with guide stepping micro-adjustment device
4) Vise: 2-way jaws.

Technical Specifications of Key Machine 298-C

Motor AC220V/110V 50/60Hz 120W
Cutter HSS NO.0015
Adjusting Set with guide stepping micro-adjustment device
Vise 2-way jaws.
Actual Dimension 48×18×23cm
Carton Dimension 55×23×29cm

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