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Key Machine 222-A

1. The 222-A key machine is the newest model, with solid structure and high accuracy. It's easy to operate cutting all kinds of saw-teeth keys.
2. The distance between the vises is extendable cutting long handle keys.
3. The vise is four-side rotary to clamp different types of keys.
4. The vise assembly of the key machine 222-A moves in a straight line to cut keys, the maximum cutting length is 64mm.

Configurations of Key Machine 222-A
1) Motor
AC, available in different voltages and frequencies, 150W
2) HSS cutter: NO.0013#C
110T double thick titanium cutter specification: 80×5×16×82º×110T
3) Adjusting: The 222-A key machine is set with guide stepping micro-adjustment device
4) Vise: 4-way jaws.

Technical Specifications of Key Machine 222-A

Motor AC 220V/110V 50/60Hz 150W
Cutter HSS NO.0013#C
Adjustment Set with guide stepping micro-adjustment device
Vise 4-way jaws.
Actual Dimension 44×38.5×36cm
Carton Dimension 50×37×37cm

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