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Key Duplicator 100-A3

1. The 100-A3 key duplicator has an appealing design, solid and reliable and easy to operate. A common single sided key can be duplicated within 5-10 seconds.
2. As a practical key duplicating machine, this type of key duplicator is equipped with two sets of different cutters and vises, duplicating various types of keys worldwide.
3. Designed with new style, the distance between the vises of the 100-A3 key duplicator can be extended, which enables to duplicate extra long keys and automobile keys with plastic sleeve.

Configurations of Key Duplicator 100-A3
1. Motor
a) AC, available in different voltages and frequencies, 180W
b) DC, 12V, 180W
2. HSS cutter
a) Left: NO.0010#
80T double sided titanium cutter specification: 70×7.3×12.7×40º×80T
b) Right: NO.0022#
Thin cutter specification: 70×1.3×22×64T
3. Adjusting: This type of key duplicator is set with screw guide adjustment device
4. Vise: The vises of this key duplicator have 2-way jaws.

Technical Specifications of Key Duplicator 100-A3

Motor AC220V/110V 50/60Hz 180W or DC 12V 180W
Cutter HSS Left:NO.0010# Right:NO.0022#
Adjusting Set with screw guide adjustment device
Vise The vises have 2-way jaws
Actual Dimension 34×31×23cm
Carton Dimension 48×37×34cm

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